Methodology Guide on Innovation

The project has developed a Methodology Guide on Innovation out of successful experiences mainly in the European space. The partnership has compiled a database of 120 Good experiences, and based on a Best Practice Assessment Methodology it has selected 30 out of them as Best Practices. This set has been the starting point for the elaboration of the document that aspires to help its readers develop an understanding of what innovation is and what is the process that may be followed by a research team in order to proceed and launch to the market an innovation out of some research result.

The Methodology Guide on Innovation provides a detailed break down of the innovation process into its steps and identifies the skills needed by each step. It could thus become a useful tool in the hands of a researcher/would-be entrepreneur helping towards the development of needed knowledge so that the transformation of research to innovation becomes successful.

The Methodology Guide on Innovation can be downloaded in English, Greek, Slovenian, Serbian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Italian, and German.

Moreover, a document which collects national specifics in the areas identified as important for the innovation process in the MGI has been created and it can be downloaded here.
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