Abbreviation and Name of the Partner's institution:
OEAW - Austrian Academy of Sciences

Short Partner Profile:
The Institute for Integrated Sensor Systems of the Austrian Academy of Sciences has the objective to investigate concepts and methodologies for smart sensors. Integration is understood as a combination of functional (mechanisms to combine various sensor or increased fault tolerance), system (in terms of connecting sensors to higher-level systems), and circuit integration aspects. The unit combines three research teams with long-lasting experience in the areas of sensor technology, embedded devices, communication and network technology.

Within the scope of multiple national and European eesearch projects the institute has cooperated with companies and academic institutions of a dozen countries all over Europe. Technical scope of these projects range from transducer development for integrated sensors to circuit and PCB design, adavanced data fusion and processing algorithms, clock synchronisation, localization of wireless nodes, distributed plant automation systems, new RFID-based embedded devices and security for embedded provision of security.

Co-operation with external partners is of high significance in the definition and implementation of research projects to gain relevant feedback for basic research and finally to transfer the research results back to industry. This experience in finding relevant research goals and needs of industry is beside the technical expertise a major strength of the institute in the I3E project.

Contact person:
Mr. Albert Treytl
E-mail: Albert.treytl@oeaw.ac.at
Web site: www.oeaw.ac.at

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