Abbreviation and Name of the Partner's institution:
UOK - University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Kragujevac

Short Partner Profile:
UOK is equipped with modern equipment and specialized software, unique in Serbia which facilitates application of Virtual Manufacturing technologies in product and process development, their optimization adapted according to specific enterprises' needs. Transfer and diffusion of these new technologies in economy is basic aim to support the SMEs in process of acquiring the innovations. In line with idea of network knowledge and transfer technologies, Centre for Virtual Manufacturing (CEVIP) has established Virtual Manufacturing Network - VMnet as efficient industrial-science link, which has already more than 620 members from the WBC region (large companies, SMEs, R&D organizations, NGO, SME Agencies etc.) Apart from expertise offered within VMnet, by this network enterprises would get quality, timely and inexpensive development cycle and may optimize products and processes, as precondition for increasing of competitiveness on global market

Contact person:
Mrs. Vesna Mandic
Associate professor, Head of Centre for Virtual Manufacturing
E-mail: mandic@kg.ac.yu
Web site: www.mfkg.kg.ac.yu
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