Contribution to Community Policies

Contribution to the Community Cohesion Policy and the Programme's overall objective / strategy:

I3E is in line with the general goal of the Cohesion Policy that is "reducing the gap in the different regions' levels of development, in order to strengthen economic and social cohesion", since it pursues the alignment of research towards common goals that can create a critical mass in the area, the transformation of research into innovation through a specific methodology and the subsequent increase in competitiveness. The majority of partners (7 out of 12) involved in the project come from converging regions while another 2 are not EU members yet, which makes the need for increased competitiveness quite significant. Furthermore, it is in line with the SEE Program since it aims at the "facilitation of innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge economy and information society by concrete cooperation action and visible results" among research, academia, enterprises and innovation facilitators. In this context territorial cohesion is promoted.

Contribution to the specific objective of the Programme's selected Priority and Aol:

I3E is in line with Priority Axis 1 "facilitation of innovation and entrepreneurship" and more specifically AoI 1.1 that is related to the "development of technology and innovation networks' in the fields of industrial informatics and embedded systems. The alignment of research effort towards a commonly agreed strategic research agenda will enable research, technology and innovation actors to work more efficiently, "create critical mass" and lead to "international visibility". Furthermore, I3E will contribute to "technology and innovation capacity" building related to the adoption of innovation enabling methodology guidelines, through a network of "networks, clusters and technology platforms" as well as the public sector and private financing mechanisms. The latter creates also relevance with AoI 1.2. "develop the enabling environment for innovative entrepreneurship" and 1.3. "enhance framework conditions and pave the way for innovation".

Consistency of the project with EU horizontal policy on environmental sustainability:

I3E is related to two sectors of research and economic activity: industrial informatics and embedded systems. These sectors exert significant influence to the overall spectrum of economic development in an area since they provide innovative low-cost technological solutions to the manufacturing sector, the transport and logistics sector, risk management systems, nomadic environments, medical applications etc. Part of the research agenda in these sectors is related to lifecycle requirements for products and services, so that there is conservation or raw materials and invaluable resources including energy and water. This is feasible both through advanced manufacturing processes and environmentally-friendly recycling-enabling product design. Furthermore, more efficient use of energy leads to an improvement in the quality of the environment. The utilization of such systems for risk prevention and management also has a direct positive impact on environmental sustainability.

Consistency of the project with EU horizontal policy on equal opportunities and non - discrimination:

I3E respects the EU horizontal policy on equal opportunities and non-discrimination. The consortium is transnational comprising 12 partners coming from 8 countries, of different ethnic origin, cultural and historical backgrounds, yet being part of the wider SEE area. The project will promote non discrimination policies relevant to sex, racial / ethnic origin, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation, enrolling highly motivated individuals that can stand up to the envisaged high standard of work anticipated in the framework of the project.