Consistency with national policies

I3E is consistent with the following national / regional policies:

1. Greek National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF)
1.1 Sectoral Operational Program (OP) "Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship" and its strategic objectives of "Acceleration of the transition to the knowledge economy" and "Development of healthy, sustainable and outward-oriented entrepreneurship"
1.2 Sectoral OP "Digital Convergence" and Priority Axis 1: Improvement of Productivity by Utilising Information and Communication Technologies
1.3 Regional OP of Western Greece, Peloponnesus and Ionian Islands

2. Austrian NSRF
2.1 Thematic Priority "Regional competitiveness and innovation" focusing on innovation

3. Bulgarian NSRF
3.1 Priority 3 "Fostering Entrepreneurship, Favourable Business Environment and Good Governance"
3.2 Priority 4 "Supporting Balanced Territorial Development"

4. Romanian NSRF
4.1 Thematic Priority "Increasing the long-term competitiveness of the Romanian economy" focusing on exploitation of research results and participation in knowledge based economy

5. Slovenian NSRF
5.1 Strategic Thematic Priority "Promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and technological development;"

6. Italian NSRF

6.1 National Macro-objectives
6.1.1 developing knowledge circuits
6.1.2 fostering clusters, services and competition
6.1.3 internationalising and modernising the economy
6.2 Cohesion Priorities
6.2.1 research and innovation promotion for competitiveness
6.2.2 competitiveness of production systems and employment

7. Serbian "Strategy for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship" and mainly objective
7.1 Improve the capacity and effectiveness of the SME support structures
7.2 Fortify the institutional framework for innovation

8. Ukrainian innovation policy gradually replacing economic stabilization and development policy