The main project objective is the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in the SEE area, placing emphasis on advanced products and services associated with the sectors of industrial informatics and embedded systems.

The project comprises the following specific objectives:

- Formulation of an extensive transnational network of technology and innovation stakeholders, comprising institutions from academia and enterprises as well as facilitators of innovation including innovation poles, technology platforms, innovation clusters, existing networks of excellence and public authorities in the SEE area

- Elaboration of a transnational strategic research agenda (SRA) in the sectors of industrial informatics and embedded systems so that research efforts of different research groups in different countries are aligned towards common goals that could contribute to the creation of a critical research mass that will increase the international visibility of the area

- Elaboration of a Methodology Guide on Innovation (MGI) based on the analysis of international good practices for the transformation of research to innovation as well as the evaluation of existing financial tools and their applicability in the SEE area that can make this transformation feasible

- Promotion of the SRA and MGI towards all stakeholders in the area through national and international workshops that will help build new capacities for adopting innovation in the sectors of interest

- Strategic networking with other EC initiatives and relevant structures

- Strategic involvement of the public sector and private innovation financing mechanisms so that both Structural Funds and private financing may be utilized for the promotion of innovation
2009-2012 Industrial Systems Institute
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