Synergies with other projects/initiatives

I3E is in line with the EU Cohesion Policy 2007-13 being "a key instrument for growth and job creation" since it addresses the modernization of SEE area economies through the alignment of research efforts in leading edge technologies towards common goals, the subsequent formulation of significant critical mass and the transformation of research to innovation. It is in line with the "Convergence" objective focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in converging regions, the "Regional competitiveness and employment" objective actively promoting innovation and knowledge economy, and the "European territorial cooperation" objective promoting trans-regional joint strategies and capacity building related to innovation. It is in line with "Regions for Economic Change" since it will develop a Methodology Guideline for Innovation based on an analysis on existing good practices relevant to the transformation of research to innovation as well as on existing financing mechanisms.

I3E is also in line with the EC "Enlargement" policies comprising partners from the Western Balkans and Ukraine. Furthermore, it will seek synergies with existing networking and innovation promotion initiatives at European and national level. More specifically synergies will be south with ARTEMISIA, ENIAC and MANUFUTURE, representing technology platforms in the sectors addressed of embedded systems, nanoelectronics and manufacturing sector respectively. The LP, UOM and JSI are already a member of ARTEMIS JU, while UOK is member of MANUFUTURE. I3E will interact with national platforms in the participating countries, e.g. ICT and Security Technology Initiatives in Greece, Slovenian ARTEMIS, while it will also address initiatives at a regional level such as the Regional Technology Platform funded by the Innovation Pole of Western Greece. Existing links of LP with the Corallia Clusters Initiative and Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association will also be exploited.