Transnational Approach

The promotion of innovation and the transformation of research to innovation is a goal for all SEE area in order to promote entrepreneurship and competitiveness. The enterprises and SMEs in the area have to compete on a global scale, which makes innovation a sine-qua-non for them.

Although this approach is applicable at a national level, it is even more appropriate at a transnational level, especially in the area of SEE that is characterized by developing economies and / or small market potential and significant diversity in types of industries.

In this context, local economies have to be as extrovert as possible and thus as innovative as possible. Small economy sizes could be anticipated if research was aligned under a common I3E agenda.

The proposed networking activities could create synergies between research and innovation stakeholders in the area that could catalyze the adoption of innovation by local firms, enhancing the area importance on the global business map.