Concensus Building

The initial and a major activity in development of the Strategic Research Agenda is establishing the consensus in the different partner regions and countries related to the research and development activities associated with the sectors of industrial informatics and embedded systems.
The goal of the consensus is the common understanding among the leading companies, government and academic institutions about the current state in the area of industrial informatics and embedded systems in the SEE area and the common agreement on the way the technology and the market is developing.

Local consensus building

The mechanism for the consensus building is a two-step procedure. During the initial step the project partners will meet with the stakeholders to collect their ideas and opinions on the relevant technologies. Such activities can be of different scales: from one-to-one meetings focusing on a particular technology or a product up to workshops involving multiple companies and organisations forming discussion and brainstorming groups as well as seminars and presentations by the project partners and invited speakers. The purpose of these activities is to create the full picture of the state of the art in the related area as well as to point challenges that would be used in creating the vision part of the Strategic Research Agenda.
The second step of the local consensus building will be based on the first version of the Strategic Research Agenda when the project partners will bring the vision of the consortium to the interested stakeholders and therefore trying to help and influence the stakeholder’s development and innovation process. During this step activities will be more focused on workshops rather than on one-to-one meetings.
In order to get more information about participation in the consensus building, please refer to the responsible partners in respected countries in the SEE area.

  • Greece: ISI
  • Austria: OEAW
  • Bulgaria: BICT
  • Slovenia: JSI
  • Italy: IEA
  • Serbia: UOK
  • Ukraine: ONPU

Contacts can be found on the partners description page.

The Consensus Building Meetings can be found here

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