Strategic Research Agenda

A transnational strategic research agenda (SRA) is the major project output that is a guideline for researchers and developers relevant to the industrial informatics and embedded systems sector in the SEE area. The final version of the SRA can be downloaded in pdf format and is available in English, Ukrainian, Serbian, German, Greek, Italian, Slovenian, Romanian and Bulgarian.

In addition, an annex called National Profiles, which has been created by local experts in each country represented in the I3E consortium, gives valueable information on how to implement the SRA. This document can be downloaded here (pdf, ~2.8M).

Strategic Research Agenda shows the directions in which the above mentioned technologies and their related markets are moving and presents the potential technologies and products that will be relevant in the foreseen future. It will help developers and researchers to focus their research on relevant topics as well to avoid challenges in transforming ideas into innovations.

Strategic Research Agenda is formed based on the feedback and intensive cooperation with the leading research and government institutions and the industry in the respected represented countries in the SEE area.
A consensus of the different stakeholders will be created and the Strategic Research Agenda will be the result of this consensus. The SRA will help different stakeholders to align their activities in the industrial informatics and embedded system sectors. The stakeholders comprised of research and academic institutions in the SEE area, the enterprise world, the facilitators of innovation, such as clusters, technology platforms and existing networks of excellence, as well as the public sector and private funding mechanisms. It will also seek synergies with relevant European initiatives. The transnational strategic research agenda will utilize the communication and dissemination mechanisms for its networking purposes.

Strategic reseach agenda structure

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