Transnational Strategic Research Agenda

Development of Transnational Strategic Research Agenda:
State-of-the-art and state-of-research in embedded systems and industrial informatics provides the first part of the strategic research agenda. The leading edge technological solutions for the two sectors are identified, analyzed and structured in a consistent collection representing the priorities in research and market of industrial informatics and embedded systems.
State of the art collection will be composed from input of the interest groups of the stakeholders. The received input will be structured and filtered in order to represent the general overview of the respected research areas. The general representation of the state of the art collection is shown on a figure below.

State of the art template

Vision provides the second part of the strategic research agenda. Vision may be relevant to the local, regional and national policies that influence the aforementioned research sectors, the identified research challenges, the challenges identified at a European level through similar processes, e.g. European Technology Platforms, the perspectives for transformation into innovation.
Finally, the Transnational Strategic Research Agenda will combine both State-of-the-art ad Vision. The Agenda will express common research goals in SEE and will make it possible to align research efforts of both enterprises and academia towards them.

Role of each partner:
OEAW will coordinate this activity. Main partners involved include ISI, UOM, JSI, TUS and UOK. All other partners also participate. The study produced will be translated to all partner languages and English and will provide a main output of the project.

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